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Wednesday January 14, 2015

Integrated 3D method for prediction of mud weight window for complex well sections

Xinpu Shen, Halliburton


This work introduces an integrated 3D method for prediction of the mud-weight window (MWW) for complex well sections. The numerical results for all three principal stress components obtained by the 3D finite-element method are introduced into a 1D analytical tool as input data, and thus no need to use the submodel method to obtain the MWW curve for the full length of the well trajectory. The integrated 3D method has a higher accuracy than the conventional 1-D method, and much lower computational costs than the direct 3-D method. Illustrative validation examples are introduced, and a brief comparison of the MWW solution obtained with these three types of calculation methods are presented.

Speaker Biography

Xinpu Shen is Senior Technical Advisor and Technical Lead- Numerical Modelling in Halliburton Consulting –Geomechanics based in Houston. He has 23-years of experience in Geomechanics. He received his PhD degree in Engineering Mechanics in 1994. Since 2005, he worked as a consultant of numerical modelling for Knowledge Systems Inc. in Houston which was acquired by Halliburton in 2008.  He is a member of ARMA and SPE. He has filed five patent proposals on the topics of numerical modelling as well as jointly published 7 books and 70 academic papers, among which about 20 papers can be downloaded from website of OnePetro.