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Wednesday May 12th, 2010

Some Special Considerations for Mechanical Property Tests on Stiff Reservoir Rocks

Terry Miller, Consultant


This talk will discuss, in more detail than Greg Boitnott's recent presentation, some of the unusual considerations needed in compressibility and compaction testing and analyses of stiff reservoir rocks.  In particular, it will provide more detail on the role different effective stresses play in designing and analyzing tests and presenting those results.  It will also discuss how the above tests must account for some "unusual" reservoir stress conditions.

Speaker Biography

Terry Miller has a BA, BS and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Rice.  He worked 32 years for Exxon specializing in Geomechanics, specifically ice loads and foundation analyses of offshore structures, offshore geotechnical hazards, rock and soil mechanics for underground and surface mines, applications to geological modeling, pore pressure prediction and analyses.  He also directed Exxon's Rock Mechanics laboratory.  He worked for several years with Knowledge Systems Inc. as a technical consultant and developed their initial wellbore stability modeling capability.  Nowadays he is a freelance consultant specializing in analyses of laboratory tests and in situ stress predictions.