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Wednesday February 11, 2015

Combining seismic data with integrated 3D geology, geomechanics and flow models to optimize field development strategies

Michael Bruno, GeoMechanics Technologies


Integrated 3D geology, geomechanics, and fluid flow models at the reservoir scale can be applied to optimize development strategies over the life of the field.  Such integrated models can be applied during initial reservoir characterization (for example estimating stress perturbations adjacent to salt diapirs), during development to assess optimum drilling and completion strategies (wellbore stability and sanding prediction), and during subsequent production to assess the impact of alternative production and injection strategies (compaction, subsidence, well damage, and fault activation risks).   Seismic data provides some of the critical inputs to such modeling efforts, including initial definition of stratigraphic horizons and initial estimates of geomechanical properties throughout the 3D volume.   The seismic information must be quality checked and calibrated against well logs and core analysis at specific well locations.   This presentation will describe the process for building integrated geology, geomechanics and flow models based on initial seismic and log data. Several applied field examples from the North Sea, the US, and Southeast Asia will be presented to demonstrate the process.

Speaker Biography

Michael Bruno is currently President of GeoMechanics Technologies.  He holds a PhD in Civil Engineering (Rock Mechanics) from the University of California, Los Angeles, has more than 25 years’ experience in geomechanics research and analysis, and has managed drilling and injection operations and technical consulting projects in Europe, North America, and Asia.  He is a former SPE Distinguished Lecturer and former Review Chairman for SPE Reservoir Engineering and Evaluation Journal.  He previously worked for Chevron Petroleum Technology Company, where he held positions as Geomechanics Group Leader and Rock Mechanics Laboratory Supervisor.