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Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

Discrete Element Modeling - Applications in Hydraulic Fracturing

Ivan Gil - Itasca, Houston


This presentation will focus on describing the efforts in the use of bonded particle codes (Itasca’s discrete element model PFC) for HF modelling and design. Challenges in describing the physics involved in cuttings reinjection, HF in poorly consolidated materials and naturally fractured reservoirs are discussed in the realm of these types of models, including set up and calibration of the synthetic rock mass. Also, examples are given on the use of microseismic (MS) events determined from the model in comparison to field MS measurements, to provide an understanding of the mechanisms occurring in the rock mass while the Hydraulic Fracture is propagating. 

Speaker Biography

Dr. Ivan Gil is currently a Geomechanics Engineer with Itasca Houston Inc.  Ivan’s primary areas of responsibility include development of new solutions for Hydraulic fracturing modeling using discrete element models for cuttings reinjection and HF propagation in fractured media.  He is also in charge of consulting projects in Borehole stability, stress analysis and sand production. Ivan has 10 years of experience in general application in Petroleum geomechanics and he holds a Ph D. and MS degrees in Petroleum engineering from the  University of Oklahoma and B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from Universidad Industrial de Santander, Santander, Colombia. He has been Technical Reviewer for Drilling and Completions Magazine, SPE, President Society of Graduate Students of Petroleum and Geol. Eng., President Society of Petroleum Engineers SPE – OU Student Chapter.