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Wednesday November 12, 2014

Introducing Signal Processing Techniques for Log-based Geomechanical Analysis

Hamed Soroush, Shell International E & P


Petrophysical logs are by far the most available data for formation evaluation in oil and gas industry. Since log measures are, to some extent, related to mechanical properties of formations, they are considered as valuable sources of information for geomechanical analysis. In this regard, analyzing log data with signal processing techniques maximizes the amount of information that can be extracted from logs. Using such techniques enables acquiring information from different frequency levels and, therefore, avoiding combined effects of different rock properties on a single data set.

This presentation aims in introducing a multi-variable workflow in order to extract geomechanical related information from logs, employing number of data processing techniques such as Bayesian, Parzen, wavelet decomposition, de-noising, and data fusion. The application of the technique in identifying borehole breakout and naturally fractured zones along the wellbore are discussed. The applicability and generalization capability of the technique are discussed using case studies on carbonate and shale gas formations

Speaker Biography

Hamed Soroush is Senior Geomechanics Consultant for Shell International E & P based in the Houston Technology Centre. He has more than 18 years of international experience in different applications of rock mechanics. He has conducted or managed more than 100 consulting and research projects worldwide. Prior to Shell, he was the Global Geomechanics Advisor for Weatherford based in Dubai providing project coordination, support and training for geomechanics and petroleum engineering applications. He has also worked with companies such as Technical and Soil Laboratories, CSIRO, GeoMechanics International, Senergy, and PDVSA. He holds BSc in Mining Engineering, MSc in Rock Mechanics and PhD in Petroleum Engineering from Curtin University of Technology, Australia. Hamed has given different industry short courses for SPE, EAGE and PETROLERN and was selected as SPE Distinguished Lecturer for 2012 – 2013 season.