Introductory Material and Textbooks

Acoustics of Porous Media by Thierry Bourbié, Olivier Coussy and Bernard Zinszner

Applied Drilling Engineering by A.T. Bourgoyne Jr, K.K. Millheim, M.E. Chenevert & F.S. Young Jr.

Compressibility of Sandstones by Robert W. Zimmerman 

Darcy's Law - 150 Years Old - 2nd Boussinesq Lecture by Jacob Bear

Elasticity of Fluid-Infiltrated Porous Solids (Poroelasticity) - Lecture notes by J.R. Rice (Harvard U.)

Fundamentals of Rock Mechanics by John Conrad Jaeger, Neville G. W. Cook and Robert Wayne Zimmerman

Geological Well Logs: Their Use in Reservoir Modeling by Stefan M. Luthi

Geophysics Under Stress: Geomechanical Applications of Seismic and Borehole Acoustic Waves by Colin M. Sayers

Introduction to the Physics of Rocks by Yves Guéguen and Victor Palciauskas

Mechanics of Fluid Saturated Rocks by Yves Guéguen and Maurice Boutéca

Petroleum Related Rock Mechanics by Erling Fjaer, R. M. Holt, Per Horsrud, A. M. Raaen, and R. Risnes

Reservoir Geomechanics by Mark D. Zoback

Rock Mechanics: Theoretical Fundamentals by Philippe A. Charlez

Rock Quality, Seismic Velocity, Attenuation and Anisotropy by Nick Barton

Rock Stress and its Measurement by Bernard Amadei and Ove Stephansson

Stress Field of the Earth's Crust by Arno Zang and Ove Stephansson

The Rock Physics Handbook by Gary Mavko, Tapan Mukerji and Jack Dvorkin

Theory of Linear Poroelasticity with Applications to Geomechanics and Hydrogeology by Herbert F. Wang

Well Logging for Earth Scientists by Darwin V. Ellis and Julian M. Singer