The Houston Geomechanics Discussion Group is a group of Petroleum Geomechanicists that meets in Houston.

The next meeting will take place at 5:30 PM, Wednesday September 9th, 2015 with a presentation entitled "Illinois Basin - Decatur Project: Microseismic Event Prediction" by Donald W. Lee, Schlumberger.

The talk will take place in the iCenter located on the ground floor of the Schlumberger building at 1325 S. Dairy Ashford, Houston (NE corner of the intersection between S. Dairy Ashford and Briar Forest Drive) - see Map. Details of the talk are as follows:

Illinois Basin - Decatur Project: Microseismic Event Prediction

Donald W. Lee, Schlumberger


The Illinois Basin - Decatur Project (IBDP) is a carbon dioxide (CO2) storage project that has a goal to inject 1 million tonnes of CO2 over a three-year period. As a part of managing the CO2 storage, several measurement, monitoring, characterization, data integration, and modelling technologies originally developed for hydrocarbon exploration and production applications were adapted for use on this project. Real-time continuous measurement of microseismicity in the project area showed that these events consistently cluster instead of being randomly located, suggesting the pre-existence of rock imperfections in the injection site. Geomechanics and finite element models that duplicate the location of observed small amplitude microseismic clusters with injection show a high correlation with measured events locations. This work advances the direct use of surface seismic data to constrain mechanical model assumptions pertaining to features associated with injection-induced microseismicity.

Speaker Biography

Donald W. Lee is a geomechanics advisor for Schlumberger in North America. Don graduated with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and joined Schlumberger in 1980 as a Field Engineer. He has worked in numerous interpretation and management positions and currently manages projects and constructs 3D finite element models to provide clients with answers for reservoir scope geomechanical problems such as reservoir compaction, completion failure, fault stability, well placement, caprock integrity, and injection limits. Areas of past work include deep water sub salt reservoirs, unconventional shale, and CO2 sequestration models. Don has won several internal awards for solving geomechanical problems in a team environment and has received five patents.